The Green Knight

The Green Knight ★★★★½

So much better on second watch. I am extremely biased to think these things, but I picked up on some themes of not letting other people guilt you into living the life they want for you. Honor means nothing in comparison to just being kind and honest in life. It clicked almost immediately in the first scene when Dev Patel repeats "I'm not ready" while trying to leave the brothel(?) he's in. Somehow it all went completely over my head watching it last night. I'm a big fan of hippy movies obviously, so when they're not long haired stoners driving motorcycles I forget movies can have pretty similar themes. Watching Sir G. get rewarded as he stays true to his own morals and punished when he doesn't somehow flew right by me! I'm glad I gave it the second chance instead of deciding I couldn't find anything in it, so it wasn't great. Maybe I'm pushing my own ideals onto the script a bit, but hey isn't that was interpretation is all about!

Goes without saying but it's a gorgeous movie, great performances, beautiful music, the cinematography felt a liiiiitle generic in comparison to it's A24 peers, but it's still many steps above most movies in theaters so I can't complain too much. Sets and costume work was *chefs kiss* as well. Merlin looks like a fuckin gangster.

Good shit.

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