• Bottoms




    Queer high school camp cinematic perfection. Will raise a whole generation. Every queer person must watch this, no exceptions!

  • Joy Ride

    Joy Ride


    Oooooohhhhh i love me an asian american dumb bitch chick flick. corny (and..) as fuck but hits where it hurts !

    Asian nb kpop loving & online mutuals rep and diversity in women and their identities .

    แล้ว screenplay writuhhh เป็นผู้หญิงไทย ฉันมีสนุกมาก นะ JAAAAAAAA

    So all that being said this is def the future for asian (women) cinema !

  • One Crazy Cruise

    One Crazy Cruise

    Girl what . Also they made kira kosarin moan out of nowhere Nickelodeon is fucked up

  • Hostage: Missing Celebrity

    Hostage: Missing Celebrity


    hey yall here’s my 5th flight watch on my flight to new york to my korean layover en route to cebu. so naturally i’m like let me add a korean screening, and this was a quick 90 minute just in time for the flight to land. and let me just say i love korean movies esp when its about dark shit its terrifying but they do it so well (contrasting to the movie missing i just saw LMAO)

  • Emma.



    Oh this was so beautiful, set design was such a treat alongside the fabulous anya taylor joy and mia goth. They are the perfect pair . Cute love story i guess? Lovely watch

  • Missing



    I am a sucker for computer/laptop films, they always inspire to make my own shitty ones via quicktime screen recordings. I liked this in the beginning but then it got kind of lighthearted and corny near the end? Idk. 

    Why do they gotta make asians the enemy and i have a fat crush on megan suri. The party scenes could have been more epic and many things were unresolved which i didnt like

  • Aftersun



    Idk.. does every father/daughter duo on vacation back in the day with a digital camera feel like this? I’d love to look back on my tapes tho, because now ik how hard shit was getting

    Dont want to get deep but when it was just my dad and i going to thailand i didnt get it but now its so.. and its not even the same story

  • (500) Days of Summer

    (500) Days of Summer


    (488) i’m human and i need to be loved just like everybody else does

  • They Cloned Tyrone

    They Cloned Tyrone


    Jamie foxx as a pimp set the fucking stage
    (And honorary 5 stars for THAT hair gel scene w yoyo)

  • Barbie



    I fucking loved this so much except my #barbenheimer gang hated it fuck that!! (That’s not true, my friends are lowkey mad!!)

    This touched me so deeply and i am so happy this movie exists, so much value delivered emotionally was too real

  • Oppenheimer



    Honestly watching men going through physics and politics and how they carry it out and how men who inherently create evil deal with life and reality internally emotionally felt valuable to see because of Christopher nolan

    Happy barbenheimer day ♡

  • We Need to Talk About Kevin

    We Need to Talk About Kevin


    No one discussed how the baby was miraculously wasian which totally shows they were begging to get ezra miller for this part no matter what because its ezra miller playing this guy kevin and that completely worked out

    Also.. kevin adding sasha grey to his virus for his mom???