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Last year I saw 29 movies. And I think some of those were even repeats. So to challenge myself this year, I'm going to try and watch 100 movies I haven't seen, where there has to be an actor in common between movies. I started with THE REVENANT, so I've got DiCaprio, Hardy, Gleeson, Poulter, hell even Haas movies to choose from next. But past that, who knows how this will go! I'll update each entry with the actor they have in common. Fingers crossed. Also, I don't know why nothing gets 5/5 stars either!

EDIT: I DID IT! And the order got real fucked up because I didn't keep good track of the movies closer to the end of…

  • The Revenant

    1.The Revenant


  • About Time

    2.About Time

    (DOMHNALL GLEESON) Really funny, and really sweet. They spend so much time establishing Domhnall Gleeson's character that it feels like they rush through his relationship at one point (a relationship that never falters, by the way) but it still all works! Bill Nighy is beyond delightful.

  • The Big Short

    3.The Big Short


    (MARGOT ROBBIE) Wonderfully directed, wonderfully acted, and completely and totally enraging. For great reason- the story told is meant to frustrate you. It's as much a tale of a big fuck-up as it is a warning that the fuck-up is gonna happen again. The last twenty minutes of the film compelled me to start over and watch the beginning again, and that only frustrated me further. Truly can't recommend enough.

  • Thelma & Louise

    4.Thelma & Louise

    (BRAD PITT) A classic, and with good reason. One of the best road films I've ever seen, both heartwarming and heartbreaking, a powerful and fun movie.

  • Beetlejuice


    (GEENA DAVIS) Honestly, I didn't love it? It was fun, and clearly inventive- a movie that wouldn't be made as whimsically today, but it felt like there were a few strings missing for what I expected it to be. All of the "classic" scenes fell flat to me. VERY surprised at how little Keaton is actually in this movie! Like he doesn't even show up until halfway. I think I need to watch this again.

  • Spotlight


    (MICHAEL KEATON) Incredible. Worth every Oscar nomination.

  • Big Fish

    7.Big Fish

    (BILLY CRUDUP) God, what a sweet movie. My favorite Burton flick by far. I have a real desire to rewatch this one.

  • Galaxy Quest

    8.Galaxy Quest


    (MISSI PYLE) What was I doing that I hadn't watched this movie until now? I think I'd seen it in parts on TV, but never in full. My mistake. It's so good.

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  • Working Girl

    9.Working Girl

    (SIGOURNEY WEAVER) Sigourney Weaver is the absolute MVP of this movie. Melanie Griffith is MVP runner-up in case of injury.

  • The Fugitive

    10.The Fugitive


    (HARRISON FORD) It's so cool to watch this movie and see its direct lineage to at least 3 other Tommy Lee Jones movies. He deserved that Oscar. TLJ's version of a US Marshal was as distinctive, in its finding a way to play an archetype differently and with personality, as Ledger's Joker. The ending was also very funny having seen Mulaney's Comeback Kid special four times.

  • Midnight Run

    11.Midnight Run

    (JOE PANTOLIANO) It's fun to watch Robert DeNiro punch people.

  • Ghostbusters II

    12.Ghostbusters II

    (PHILIP BAKER HALL) This movie isn't great. The reboot has a great director, great writer, support from the original producers, and a great cast. It's almost guaranteed to be better than this.

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  • Grosse Pointe Blank

    13.Grosse Pointe Blank

    (DAN AYKROYD) Fun, and eminently watchable, but I didn't LOVE it.

  • Get Smart

    14.Get Smart

    (ALAN ARKIN) A surprisingly funny action-comedy that shoehorns Get Smart references. Probably would've been more notable if it weren't a Get Smart remake, but as someone who doesn't hate remakes, I dug it! It has some, uhhh, slight issues with women though.

  • Zootopia



    (NATE TORRANCE) WOW. I fucking loved Zootopia. I cried in the first ten minutes (underdog shit really gets to me, I think) and periodically throughout when it was called back, and I laughed a lot. It was so funny and so sweet and really clever and well-written and not-pandering, and it warmed my heart to think of how many kids might grow up seeing this movie and learning/loving it's lessons.

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  • 10 Cloverfield Lane

    16.10 Cloverfield Lane

    (JOHN GOODMAN) While in the theatre I was not sure whether I was liking it or not, but when I left, I liked it. Then I stewed over it, and I have no idea whether I liked it or not. It's definitely a crazy movie. Who knows if that's good crazy or bad crazy.

  • Trumbo


    (ALAN TUDYK) A masterful period piece that deserves way more recognition for its production design and seamless recreation of 40s/50s/60s cinema. And Cranston's good too. (Although his Trumbo voice is just Bane without a mask! Wake up sheeple!)

  • The Spectacular Now

    18.The Spectacular Now

    (MARY ELIZABETH WINSTEAD) Sweet, heartbreaking, relatable. Wish we got more of Shailene Woodley's story, but I've never been more frustrated, but understanding of characters than I am watching Aimee's life take downturns because of Miles Teller's problems.

  • Let's Go to Prison

    19.Let's Go to Prison

    (BOB ODENKIRK) I truly ONLY watched this movie because it was the easiest link between THE SPECTACULAR NOW and MIDNIGHT SPECIAL. I wouldn't recommend this terrible, misguided, unfunny, transparently-destined-for-the-Walmart-bargain-bin movie to a single soul.

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  • Midnight Special

    20.Midnight Special

    (MICHAEL SHANNON) Man. Jeff Nichols is truly one of our best directors. He's so good at "show, don't tell" which seems like a side effect of the film scene in Austin, as it was certainly something they stressed when I was down there. This movie is a mystery, and it's meant to be, but I think it left me with more questions than I came in with. Michael Shannon is great as always, but it's hard to tell who else gave a great performance because everybody says maaaaybe ten words each.

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  • The Gift

    21.The Gift


    (JOEL EDGERTON) Haven't stopped thinking about this movie since I saw it. Really unsettling the entire way, and it doubles down on that with the ending. A truly original, tense (but surprisingly docile) thriller. Rebecca Hall is so underrated. Jason Bateman is a perfect choice for his character, but still so weird to see in this. Edgerton is a good director!

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  • Everything Must Go

    22.Everything Must Go

    (REBECCA HALL) Honestly, a perfect 7 out of 10? It was good. Enjoyable, sweet, well-acted by Ferrell. But also, I'm not thinking about it anymore. Wouldn't recommend it as a standout to anyone, even though I think it a fine film. I love seeing comedic actors in dramas, though.

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  • Hello, My Name Is Doris

    23.Hello, My Name Is Doris


    (STEPHEN ROOT) Sally Field deserves at the very least an Oscar nomination and at the very most, like seven Oscars? Can you give seven Oscars for one performance? You can't even see Sally Field at certain points on screen, it's just a woman named Doris that is very much a specific, inimitable, truly lovable character. I loved this movie a lot. I was annoyed that Kumail's character was the most one-dimensional gay character whose ONLY purpose was to be a gay character (he truly doesn't get a single line that isn't a lead-in to his sexuality) but everything else about this movie is so on and wonderful that it's forgivable. Funny, sweet, sad, well-acted- good on Showalter!

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  • While You Were Sleeping

    24.While You Were Sleeping

    (PETER GALLAGHER) Sweet, if not a bit crazy. Holds up well for a 90s rom-com, and still very funny! Sandra Bullock is a delight. I love Joe Jr.

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  • Speed



    (SANDRA BULLOCK) You guys! What the fuck was I doing waiting so long to watch Speed? I loved it. I loved it so much. Keanu isn't great, but I blame that on Joss Whedon's annoying dialogue more than anything else. (Seriously, is there a worse last line to put in a film this good?) Dennis Hopper is SO GOOD. And the action is phenomenal. This is a new favorite.

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  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    26.Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    (JOE MORTON) I thought it was going to be bad and I would just get to watch a fun action movie. I'm upset I was even wrong about enjoying it in spite of it's bad-ness. :( I'm also upset with myself for knowing I'll surely give Justice League the same assumption. I'm a sucker.

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  • Ride Along

    27.Ride Along

    (LAURENCE FISHBURNE) Paint-by-numbers and predictable as all hell, but I liked it. Kevin Hart isn't too shabby. Ice Cube is Ice Cube.

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  • Barbershop: The Next Cut

    28.Barbershop: The Next Cut

    (ICE CUBE) This movie rules. Even with its predictably-whack third act.

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  • Cadillac Records

    29.Cadillac Records

    (CEDRIC THE ENTERTAINER) It suffers the curse most biopics do, where it's trying to tell a fairly straightfoward story, excitingly. I get it! Talented men have vices. Boring. But there are some great performances from unsuspecting sources- Beyonce is great when she's not singing (not a knock on Beyonce- but it's Beyonce! When she sings I don't hear Etta James. I hear Beyonce.) and kinda disappears into the role, as does Columbus Short. Jeffrey Wright spends the entire movie not looking like Jeffrey Wright, and Mos Def shows up for a fun minute or so.

  • The Invitation

    30.The Invitation

    (TAMMY BLANCHARD) Jesus. What a great thriller. Tense, but never truly scary, and believable from a motivational perspective. Paranoia & PTSD really enhance the tried-and-true general concept of a dinner party setting in a horror movie. I loved it.

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  • Confidence


    (JOHN CARROLL LYNCH) Only watched this as the link between The Invitation and Keanu. I hadn't even heard about it until I had to find a movie between the two, and now I know why. It's pretty unremarkable. A key character in the film isn't revealed until halfway through, and its big twist is pretty obvious. It tries too hard to be slick, and fails, and Edward Burns is so stoic that I don't care about his character or their problem at any moment. I love con/heist movies so much, but this somehow made a very exciting premise run-of-the-mill. Giamatti was fun, I guess!

  • Keanu


    (LUIS GUZMAN) So funny. So so funny. The first act of the film was frustrating because it was mostly stuff in the trailer, but it got better as it went on. The third act is particularly hilarious, as is the reveal of a key cameo in the middle of the movie.

  • What's Your Number?

    33.What's Your Number?

    (ANNA FARIS) Predictable, unfunny, and insanely misogynistic? I cannot believe two women wrote this movie.

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  • Captain America: Civil War

    34.Captain America: Civil War

    (CHRIS EVANS / MARTIN FREEMAN) Superhero movies don't have to do very much to land well with me because they're always very easy to watch and therefore I can keep myself awake by clapping like a cymbal monkey every time one Greco-Roman super-boy choreographically beats up another. With that in mind- this one was still great!!!! Black Panther rules. The new Spider-Man rules. Marvel rules.

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  • He's Just Not That Into You

    35.He's Just Not That Into You

    (SCARLETT JOHANNSON) Better than I thought it'd be, but still formulaic. What a strangely stacked cast! Ginnifer Goodwin's character is a huge bummer, and feels like a character written by dudes who earnestly say "chicks be crazy."

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  • For a Good Time, Call...

    36.For a Good Time, Call...

    (JUSTIN LONG) A great twist on the modern comedy formula. The movie would benefit from more charismatic (or honestly maybe just more well-known?) leads, but also from focusing less on hitting every story beat and letting some of the comedy play out more. This is something that would KILL with some more improv, or at least more of the improv feel most blockbuster comedies have nowadays. (Is there a woman director with Apatow/Rogen’s joke pacing? We need one.) All of its emotional beats are... not great. But it’s surprisingly sex (and sex work) positive, and fun, without ever wholly demonizing its characters.

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  • Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising

    37.Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising

    (SETH ROGEN) Very funny and almost ham-fistedly progressive. Kind of gross, but not unbearably (until one scene at the end.) I loved it.

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  • The Nice Guys

    38.The Nice Guys


    (HANNIBAL BURESS) Fucking hilarious, well-directed, and well-written. Shane Black is so good. Also, Ryan Gosling is a great comedic talent. It's unfair.

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  • Magic Mike XXL

    39.Magic Mike XXL

    The notes for this film reportedly contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    (MATT BOMER) There’s something so earnest and vulnerable about watching actors play characters who “perform” in a movie and it makes my skin crawl sometimes. I can’t handle acapella movies, or movies with full singing performances that aren’t at least comedic or visually exciting, and there were a few scenes in Magic Mike that were like that, (like all of Andie MacDowell's house or the first sequence with Tatum in his workshop) where the only reason for dancing was to show off dancing or to sink into the sexiness of it all. And like, OBVIOUSLY that’s the point of a movie like Magic Mike so I can't fault it for that but I think the first one was so story-driven i didn’t feel like the dancing interludes were detours. Somehow, the second one is still better. Probably just because it's more fun. The dancing is really fuckin' good and the road stuff is fun and everybody in this movie is so damn handsome. Ten stars.

    Also, there’s no way they deserved to win that drag show dance off.

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  • Pee-wee's Big Holiday

    40.Pee-wee's Big Holiday

    (JOE MANGANIELLO) I feel like this movie isn't for someone who, like me, has no history with the Pee-Wee franchise.

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  • Life After Beth

    41.Life After Beth

    (ALIA SHAWKAT*) Alia Shawkat is credited for this movie in multiple places, but she does not show up. She was cut from the film. So I watched this for nothing, and got that exact thing back from it. (I'll count it as a half for the challenge, but I found a movie that connects to both this AND Pee Wee's Holiday, for the technicality.)

  • The To Do List

    42.The To Do List

    (ALIA SHAWKAT) Fun, and it NAILS the time period/tone it's going for... but it also completely muddles its ending? And many of its jokes. Which is a bummer because everybody is very likable in it. (Bill Hader rules.)

  • Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

    43.Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping


    (ANDY SAMBERG) God, this movie was great. I went and watched it again and the only big thing I had as a mark against it was that the songs featured aside from the main three (I'm So Humble, Equal Rights, Finest Girl (The Bin Laden Song)) are awful. That's mostly a shame because they've got three incredible albums under their belt and then a movie soundtrack with mostly bad songs, but the movie still stands with them. Great cameos, too. Ringo Starr has a line really early on that made me bust a gut both times.

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  • Need for Speed

    44.Need for Speed

    (IMOGEN POOTS) The cinematography on this movie is out of control good. As is Michael Keaton's hammy performance and Cudi's super-fun role. And, uh, that's it.

  • A Bigger Splash

    45.A Bigger Splash

    (DAKOTA JOHNSON) Confusing, but intriguing. Ralph Fiennes is very fun to watch!

  • Burn After Reading

    46.Burn After Reading

    (TILDA SWINTON) Everyone is turned up to 10 in this movie and it works on every level.

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  • August: Osage County

    47.August: Osage County

    (DERMOT MULRONEY) Not nearly as fun as the poster would suggest. But in all seriousness, it's great. The kind of great where you're not surprised about it being great though, because all the math is there- great actors doing a stage play where they get to do accents and family drama? Yeah, of course that's a grand slam. The credits made me laugh because it looks like an in memoriam for everyone who worked on the film.

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  • The Bourne Identity

    48.The Bourne Identity

    (CHRIS COOPER) Seems like a movie I would've loved more if I saw it when it was released. Unfortunately, 14 years of copycats have nulled me to any charm it could've had by being an "original" spy/assassin thriller.

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  • The Bourne Supremacy

    49.The Bourne Supremacy

    (BRIAN COX/FRANKA POTENTE) I mean, I finished it.

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  • The Bourne Ultimatum

    50.The Bourne Ultimatum

    (JOAN ALLEN/JULIA STILES) My favorite of the trilogy, but damn do I really hate how they shoot these movies. I know that's a decade-late observation, but just hold the camera still!!!!!!!!

  • The Adjustment Bureau

    51.The Adjustment Bureau

    (MATT DAMON) Suffers from Walter Mitty syndrome: "Oh wait, you've got a really cool visual trick your character has! I can't wait to see it used in lots of fun wa- oh, you're done with that already? Alright. Uhh... what else you got here?"

  • Triple 9

    52.Triple 9

    (ANTHONY MACKIE) It's nuts that a cast this good can come together and make something so forgettable. I forgot Casey Affleck was hot. I don't know what Kate Winslet is doing in this movie.

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  • Central Intelligence

    53.Central Intelligence

    (AARON PAUL) Pretty by the book, and even not-very-fun by that metric. :/ Dwayne Johnson clearly has the potential to 'the funny one' though, so that's neat!

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  • Ride Along 2

    54.Ride Along 2

    (KEVIN HART) It's no "Ride Along." (But what could be?)

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  • X-Men: Apocalypse

    55.X-Men: Apocalypse

    (OLIVIA MUNN) Not joking when I say I'm confused as to how this movie was made without costing 300 million dollars. It looks so expensive. But they still somehow didn't really 'nail' many of their best scenes. They also manage to make Apocalypse not really seem very... apocalypse-y? Even with Oscar Isaac, who is a WASTED talent in this role. Could have been anybody. I liked the credits sequence!

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  • The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2

    56.The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2

    (JENNIFER LAWRENCE) I think this franchise is one of the best-directed of its kind, but the thread of romance running through it almost ruins it at multiple times.

  • Red Dawn

    57.Red Dawn


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  • The Shallows

    58.The Shallows

    (BRETT CULLEN) Very weird to see Blake Lively's face digitally attached to a surfer. Beautiful movie though! Feels like it was definitely meant to be in 3D at some points. Also, man the tone of this movie was nuts. It was Rip Girls, then Castaway, with moments of a perfume commercial in between?

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  • The Losers

    59.The Losers

    (OSCAR JAENADA) WAY more style than substance. And pretty cocky of them to leave it so open for a sequel.

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  • Finding Dory

    60.Finding Dory

    (IDRIS ELBA) Wonderful. Heartfelt and nostalgic without being too reliant on the original, but also funny and kinetic and outrageous enough that I never felt as bored as I thought I would be. (Also, holy shit at the short before it. 3D tech is seriously that good ALREADY?)

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  • Monsters University

    61.Monsters University

    (BILL HADER) It's way hard to believe the people Mike and Sully are at the beginning of Monsters University could swap so heavily and turn into the people they are in Monsters Inc- but whatever! This movie is mostly fun moments of living in monster world, and that's enjoyable enough to carry it. Its emotional Pixar stuff isn't as strong as any other Pixar movies, but the third act puts in a lotta work to make up for that. Also, I don't think I'll ever get over how good Pixar movies look, still. They just get more impressive!

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  • Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

    62.Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

    (AUBREY PLAZA) Funny. Very funny! So funny it kinda has trouble selling its characters as anything other than funny. Does it matter? Probably not!

  • Mr. Right

    63.Mr. Right

    (ANNA KENDRICK) The tone of this movie rules, and it's so fun, but all of the romance between Kendrick and Rockwell is set up in the woooorst way. The uneven mental state of Kendrick's character is pretty upsetting too. Which is a bummer because the entire cast is great! RZA and Tim Roth continue to be treasures. Rockwell dances!

  • Due Date

    64.Due Date

    (RZA) Robert Downey Jr.'s character goes from being way too mean to being way too forgiving.

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  • Ghostbusters


    (MATT WALSH) I can't wait to watch this again with an audience that won't clap over jokes when they do a call back to the original every few minutes. (Which is really the only thing I hated about this movie.) Everyone's so good. Especially McKinnon and Hemsworth, who are far and above the two stand-outs here. Feig is a really good director, but Feig/Dippold is such a fucking killer combination.

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  • Extract


    (KRISTEN WIIG) So forgettable I forgot to write a review of it, and then, days later, forgot how I felt about it. The tone of Office Space without a lot a what I enjoyed about it! Ben Affleck is fun though!

  • Horrible Bosses 2

    67.Horrible Bosses 2

    (JASON BATEMAN) Twice as problematic as it is funny. But it's very funny? So... !

  • Don't Think Twice

    68.Don't Think Twice


    (KEEGAN-MICHAEL KEY) Funny, sobering, wistful, wonderful. A really really wonderful movie about comedy, friendship, love, success, jealousy, feelings of inadequacy, and feeling your dreams slip away from you.

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  • Tower Heist

    69.Tower Heist

    (BEN STILLER) Pretty average! In a non offensive way, really. Wish it had a less boring title and some extension on some of its earlier scenes (and I watched the extended edition- still somehow lacking in the earlier learning-to-steal montages.) I also don't know what Ben Stiller's accent is for some of this movie.

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  • The Cable Guy

    70.The Cable Guy

    (MATTHEW BRODERICK) The Stan Sweet stuff is very funny to me. Unfortunately, Jim Carrey's entire character just wasn't, and since the movie leans on him, it's kind of at a loss. I insist they remake this movie and go harder on both the laughs and the darkness with a Gyllenhaal-in-Nightcrawler-type character.

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  • Mars Attacks!

    71.Mars Attacks!

    (JACK BLACK) I didn't enjoy this nearly as much as people thought I would. It's a bit disjointed, juggles too many stories without really making me want to see any of them, and it's just so ridiculous all the way. And not in a fun way!

  • Bad Moms

    72.Bad Moms

    (CHRISTINA APPLEGATE) Every five minutes there is a new song playing in this movie. There are more songs than there are plot moves. Jada Pinkett Smith's character is very unnecessary. It was funny though!

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  • Suicide Squad

    73.Suicide Squad

    (JAY HERNANDEZ) I watched the trailer for this movie after watching the movie, and I was so impressed by how good it was. The trailer, I mean- the movie was a mess. But the trailer even shows hints that it could have been good if some stuff was not taken out in editing. Things that couldn't have been fixed by editing: Leto's Joker. Harley Quinn. (Seriously, all of her lines are Hot Topic tees. Every one.) The characterization of anybody besides Deadshot. THE LAZY STYLISH EXPOSITION where they just list skills instead of showing them to us. The soundtrack, which is just a barrage of songs we know. This movie is such a mess.

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  • Sisters


    (IKE BARINHOLTZ) This movie is so funny, but it also makes huge messes and then cleans them up very succinctly, which stressed me out! Make them live with their fuck-ups! I also don't know if I can buy Tina or Amy's characters because I'm soooo used to seeing them play other people. But I still enjoyed it!

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  • Megamind


    (TINA FEY) Cartoon action and destruction is always so fun, but it's particularly impressive in this movie. So impressive that I don't know why the animation is so weird whenever Roxanne walks. But that's nitpicking- it's fun! Good little twists, too. The movie's meaning is uhhh kind of a mixed bag with the ending but it's still good! I really liked David Cross's character. It's hard to not imagine Will Ferrell or Tina Fey when you hear their voices though.

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  • War Dogs

    76.War Dogs

    (JONAH HILL) Lord of War + Wolf of Wall Street - the best parts of either of those movies + documentary pacing = War Dogs. Bradley Cooper was great whenever he was on screen. Jonah Hill was close to being great.

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  • That Thing You Do!

    77.That Thing You Do!

    (KEVIN POLLAK) I loved this movie. I also loved Larry Crowne. Is Tom Hanks a great director? Is Tom Hanks the best director??

  • Robot & Frank

    78.Robot & Frank

    (LIV TYLER) I felt worse for the robot in this movie than I do for most people that get a shit luck of the draw in any film. I wish we got to see more of Frank's connection to the robot but the way their story ends is so sad and underplayed it really bummed me out. What a sweet movie though.

  • The Meddler

    79.The Meddler

    (SUSAN SARANDON) The pacing in this movie is all over the place but it doesn't really matter. It's sweet, and goofy, and generally pleasant all the way through. Susan Sarandon and JK Simmons are so cute. I loved Jerrod Carmichael's little subplot too, for some reason.

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  • Clue



    (MICHAEL MCKEAN) I love this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe I waited this long to watch it. One of my favorite movies to have seen through this stupid challenge.

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  • The Hunt for Red October

    81.The Hunt for Red October

    (TIM CURRY) Incredibly suspenseful, well-acted, and deliberately paced, but soooooo dense. I can tell it was written by/for someone with an extreme understanding of naval procedure... but honestly, I wish it was just a little dumber and less specific in its execution.

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  • Space Cowboys

    82.Space Cowboys

    (COURTNEY B. VANCE) Clint Eastwood starts his role in this movie by getting racist about the Japanese. He then proceeds to star in his own film about space in which the most boring part is every second they're in space.

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  • Maverick


    (JAMES GARNER) Its ending doesn't really track, but I don't care because it was lots of fun up until it happened!!

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  • The Player

    84.The Player

    (JAMES COBURN) This is my first Altman movie, but even in knowing what other movies from 1992 are like it's very clear what little flairs he brings to the plate. Super interesting, with a fun McGuffin, but I think my expectation of a more fulfilling mystery wrap-up made me a biiit disappointing in the ending. A great satire though.

  • Conspiracy Theory

    85.Conspiracy Theory

    (JULIA ROBERTS) This movie rules. Mel Gibson rules. Fun, intriguing, action-packed, and paced SUPERBLY for how long it is, it's a terrific 90s thriller, and it makes me bummed to know Donner is, for all intents and purposes, out of the filmmaking game.

  • Green Room

    86.Green Room


    (PATRICK STEWART) Tense, gory, unrelentingly punishing, and still somehow fun. Imogen Poots was surprisingly great (by surprising, I mean I've probably only seen her in the bad movies she's done anyway) and Patrick Stewart is unfuckwithable. A real bummer to know Anton Yelchin has passed, but what a film to go out on. (I know, I know, Star Trek, but still.)

  • Fright Night

    87.Fright Night

    (ANTON YELCHIN) There’s a good vampire movie in here somewhere but it’s mostly bogged down by a middling director who can’t really commit to making a scary movie. Some of the writing is great! Much of the writing is… not! It was a great choice to hire the creator of Buffy to write it, though. It was a terrible choice to waste toni collette.

  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

    88.Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

    (COLIN FARRELL) I'm sure this is a fantastic movie for anyone who is obsessed with the world of Harry Potter but for someone like me whose biggest interest lies in the movies, I didn't care about this at all. It also doesn't help that Eddie Redmayne is the most boring lead of any film.

  • It's Kind of a Funny Story

    89.It's Kind of a Funny Story

    (ZOE KRAVITZ) Zach Galifianakis brings a potentially interesting story to the table but the movie gets bogged down in a poorly told teen romance story and the desire to be an overly stylistic indie film (for no reason, and to no good use)

  • Fences


    (VIOLA DAVIS) A beautiful, sad, strong portrait of a black family in the 50s. It's so clear this was a play, and it's a wonderful adaptation of the play. EVERYBODY is so good. I've especially got a soft spot for Stephen Henderson.

  • The Magnificent Seven

    91.The Magnificent Seven

    (DENZEL WASHINGTON) A very classic-looking western with strong performances from all the secondary characters. Denzel’s good, but he’s just being Denzel. Chris pratt feels very out of place and is once again, just being Chris Pratt. Hawke, Bennett, Byung-hun, and D’onofrio fucking rule.

  • Escape Plan

    92.Escape Plan

    (VINCENT D'ONOFRIO) So stupid. Which would be fine, if its premise didn't require it was at least a little bit clever. Amy Ryan and Faran Tahir are cool. Jim Caviezel is so hammy and awful.

  • Hunt for the Wilderpeople

    93.Hunt for the Wilderpeople

    (SAM NEILL) Julian Dennison and Sam Neill are such a good team. Funny, sobering, perfect. What a good fucking year for New Zealand cinema.

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  • Moana


    (RACHEL HOUSE) Man, I did not love this as much as everybody else seems to. A lot of retreads of classic Disney themes, with characters I didn't love and individual sequences strung together with no good throughline. Fine songs though!

  • Rio 2

    95.Rio 2

    (JEMAINE CLEMENTS) Bad. I mean... it's the sequel to Rio.

  • Moonlight



    (JANELLE MONAE) Fuck. A very sobering, but not exactly "sad" portrait of a growing gay black man. Three incredible parts (although the third is my least favorite) with three incredible actors, and a litany of just-as-good supporting actors. I want to give Chiron a hug.

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  • Southpaw


    (NAOMIE HARRIS) It is so so SO unfortunate that this movie came out the same year as Creed, because it's a great boxing movie, and it's soul-crushing. THE Rachel McAdams's scene is so scary and sad and strong and deserves recognition. Gyllenhaal is as fantastic as always. Oona Lawrence is gonna be a star.

  • Nocturnal Animals

    98.Nocturnal Animals

    (JAKE GYLLENHAAL) I have no idea what that ending meant. Beautiful film. Gyllenhaal, Shannon, and Taylor-Johnson are kiiiilllleeeeer. I have no idea what that ending meant.

  • Arrival


    (AMY ADAMS) Whoa. Incredible, original, beautiful, well-told sci-fi. Slow, but never boring.

  • Doctor Strange

    100.Doctor Strange

    (MICHAEL STUHLBARG) Oh boy. Is this the 100th movie? I mean, yes technically, but not really, because the order of this got all fucked up by me making mistakes earlier in the list. Anyhow, it's a beautiful movie and uhhh maybe Doctor Strange is my second least favorite Marvel superhero? As a person? Like I don't care what happens to him at all. He's got cool powers though.

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