• Selma



    Just had a conversation with my friend where she reminded me the reason we saw this movie in theaters was because she was having a bad day and wanted to see something that would make her realize other people have had it way worse. Absolutely fucking hilarious.

  • Pariah


    In awe. Never seen a drama like this that is so loving of its homophobic "antagonists" without sacrificing the empathy you have for the queer character at the center. Makes everything so much more complex. I really loved it. Impressed at how many intersections of femininity, sexuality, gender, and social status/appearances it manages to tackle and tackle well in just 86 minutes. And it's really sweet and charming, too! Learning a character is a poet usually ignites a real bad…

  • Fun with Dick and Jane

    Fun with Dick and Jane

    "The middle class is the backbone of this country. We've got to survive. If we go under, the whole country can. And in these, our bicentennial years, my contribution isn't the destruction of the American middle class!"

    I remember seeing the remake, not knowing it was a remake, but I don't remember any concrete details about it besides it ending on an immediately out-of-date Enron gag. This movie does not end on an Enron gag. Bonus points for that. Jane…

  • The Terminal

    The Terminal

    Pure feeling! So much stuff here that doesn't make logical sense, and it all works because it's just pure feeling. Direct and concentrated Spielberg schmaltz, and I do not mean that as an insult. Embarrassing how many times I came close to crying at what is essentially Airport Amelie. I've always loved this movie. So much painful helplessness in the first act alone, really makes it all hit so much harder when you see how beloved he's become by the end. A lovely, confounding movie about the needless inhumanity of bureaucracy and the needful support system of humanity.

  • Cloud Atlas

    Cloud Atlas

    I remember the extended 7 minute trailer for this movie dropping in 2012 and being very excited to watch this movie, only to let the negative reviews (and daunting 3 hr. runtime) sorta push me away from it. Then, years later I found it for cheap on Blu-Ray and bought it as a commitment to one day watch it. I’ve been hyping it up for myself for years, and I finally watched it. And you know what? It fucking rips.…

  • The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer

    The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer

    Imagine where society would be if every actor had the vaudevillian comedy chops/commitment that Cary Grant has. Hollywood is sick and the only vaccine is more falling himbos!

  • The Breaker Upperers

    The Breaker Upperers

    "See you around."
    “I will see you around. It’s New Zealand, so... chances are, you know?”

  • Paris, Texas

    Paris, Texas

    the stuff in the desert is just so sublime. several shots look like harry dean stanton is just standing in front of a matte painting of a landscapes under a frozen sky– so fucking cool. i've said before that i used to confuse david byrne and david lynch and this movie vindicates that for me because it feels like a mix of their two distinct styles, but makes that combination seem so natural. couldn't stop obsessing over the presence of…

  • Hitch


    Honestly shocked at how much this movie holds up! I liked it! It's genuinely charming! And funny! Hitch is good! However, I have one big big problem with it:

    Hitch was released in the United States February 11th, 2005. Four days later, on February 15th, 2005, the film's lead Will Smith released the first single from his album Lost and Found, which was titled– "Switch." Song's a banger, lyrics are questionable, it's used to great effect to make us all…

  • (500) Days of Summer

    (500) Days of Summer

    asked my friends if anyone wanted to watch this with me and got a unanimous "we do not trust JGL" in the group chat

    every ten minutes of this movie makes me embarrassed to remember how CRUCIAL this movie was to me in 2009. tom's vests, a lotta digs that do not fly anymore, the soundtrack… the fucking smiths scene in the elevator... imagine any movie trying to pull that off and not being roasted for a week on twitter.…

  • The Father

    The Father


    You know when you see someone blow into a balloon when it's already pretty big, and you're like "whoa! that thing's gonna pop!" and then you stop paying attention for a bit and you come back and it's even bigger and you're like "jesus it's still going?" and then every time you come back to it you've stopped being impressed by how big it's able to go and your heart starts to beat real fast because you're afraid it's going…

  • School of Rock

    School of Rock


    "Dewey, I’m not a satanic sex-god anymore. I’m a working stiff- and that’s cool."

    Just fucking terrific. Got weirdly emotional in the first act when I started to remember how much of the movie is just about making the kids feel like they fit in. In every iteration of it, this thing is just pure concentrated dopamine. Watching someone start to really "feel" the music they're playing makes my bones fucking vibrate. You get a raw feeling out of me,…