Three Thousand Years of Longing

Three Thousand Years of Longing ★★★★½

Stunning!! Gorgeous, sprawling, specific, horny, sensual, inventive, just fuckin’ cool. Magic magic magic. A weird meditation on love and freedom and technology and stories that feels like the best fan-fiction ever written. And god, what incredible sound design! Such a delight that I stood around with six people after it ended agreeing that we didn’t quite understand a lot of it (and I personally didn’t care for a significant chunk of the ending) but still loved it– gonna be chewing on it for a while! Not a movie you’ll enjoy if you need everything to make perfect sense, but I could’ve lived in this world for so much longer. 

Been anticipating this movie for years and I didn’t know it was coming out this weekend until today. Extremely confused that MGM isn’t screaming from the rooftops that one of our most visionary directors made an imaginative, nostalgic, romantic fantasy epic unlike anything we’ve seen in the last few decades. Need me a hit of whatever Mr. Miller is keeping in those tiny glasses. I know it’s the source of his power, I just know it.

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