The Muppet Christmas Carol

The Muppet Christmas Carol ★★★★½

“Thank you for making me part of this.”

I don’t think we talk enough about how absolutely masterful the Muppet films are from a production standpoint! Like they’re brilliant comedic works, but they’re also true magical works, mixing camera tricks and production design and set builds and miniatures with sleight of hand to make sure you’re never thinking too deeply about the construction it takes to film even single shots. It’s so easy to just forget these are puppets being controlled by people because they feel like such vibrant characters and are staged so immaculately. I would kill to see the storyboards for this movie, or a BTS doc. I once worked on a late night show where they wanted Kermit to sit on the couch and they basically constructed a special couch and pit beneath the couch for the puppeteer to hide in. That’s like, the most basic level of Muppet trick that these movies use. I love this movie as a Christmas film not just because it’s directly related to Christmas, but because filmmaking is my favorite thing in the world and the greatest gift I have ever received and The Muppets always remind me that filmmaking can be just so magical. I love it so much.

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