The Fate of the Furious

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This review may contain spoilers.

I understand completely why people don’t love this one- it’s kind of a mess structurally, and even within the soap opera-ness of this series it’s just soooo soapy it feels like too much. But the action is just... fucking great. That's all I really care about with this franchise and they're just absolutely at the top of their game here. The cold open race in Cuba? Everybody driving up to shield Dom from a nuclear submarine explosion? Statham's silly baby parkour with a goofy little baby hand wave? The zombie car scene?? It makes me scream every single time. We voluntarily rewound that scene because a friend missed the set-up and it killed me to think of her not getting to see the moment where they're all turning the sharp corner and colliding into each other.

People clown on the action in this franchise as being ridiculous, and it is, but it seems like they write it by going "let's take a thing that IS real and go to the absolute upper limit of our imagination within the confines of that thing." Like, self-driving cars are real. Cars being hacked and controlled remotely is real. But what they did here is just unfathomable. And despite that all, it works because you go "well obviously that's not fucking possible... right?" Everything from the physics to the tech applications to the fight sequences is written to ride the line right before it goes into sci-fi/fantasy, like they're making a movie for someone who's vaguely heard of these technologies but doesn't know enough to confirm that this couldn't be how they worked. This entire franchise lives in the "...right?" and I want to live in the "... right?" forever.

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