Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit

Started watching this immediately after Sister Act, but didn’t finish it until today. In the interim, s Disney announced Sister Act 3.... and it’s like, okay Disney.... if you’re lurking my letterboxd you can just say hi... I’m friendly.... let me direct this one.... bring back Kathy Najimy too... and actually you’ve got her in Hocus Pocus 2 just give Kathy Najimy an overall deal... the world needs more Najimy....

Lovely! Delightful. Stupid that this would ever be considered somehow 17% on RT to the original’s 74%. The originality of the first premise is really a whole 57% better? Nah. This shit’s fun.

Was initially sad I didn’t see this movie as a child until I realized the crush I would’ve had on young Lauryn Hill would’ve ruined my life as a boy. I had enough problems, young Demi didn’t need that.

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