Shiva Baby

was thinking today that i should rewatch Hereditary and then I was like “c’mon man you’ve got the day off. watch something chill, take it easy.” then i watched Shiva Baby instead and the effect on my heart rate was probably the same. this that good good though!!! the kind of fun anxiety that makes me go “oh noooOOOOOO” every few minutes. reminds me of a few nightmares i have had and several panic attacks i have also had, except i paid $6.99 to have it this time and then logged onto the internet to tell you all you should really try this kick-ass panic attack

emma seligman is awesome. this movie rules AND it’s 77 minutes!! it always sounds like a diss to say a movie is short but i am a staunch proponent of economic cinema (every movie should be 90 minutes) and i will always point out when a movie is good and short as a plus. scorsese is fucking SHAKING

edit: forgot to add the unfortunate true detail that i didn’t understand the title pun until like, four seconds after the movie started. every time i see the title i read shiva like the hindu god and hear it in my head as “shiva, baby!” like a weezy ad-lib. guess i didn’t need to add this but if i don’t write every thought i have about every movie on here then they won’t leave my brain and i might accidentally say them out loud to someone who doesn’t give a shit and that’ll be way more embarrassing. shiva f baby and the f is for fantastic film!!!!

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