for my dear friend mia's birthday, we decided to have a little mini film fest featuring her favorite films. we gave her options of films we knew she loves: kill bill vol 1., the lobster, opening night, down with love, gone girl. i even managed to get a screener for nomadland and keep it a secret so that we could surprise her with the option to watch it. then, taking advantage of birthday law (which i mistakenly called 'prima nocta,' mistakenly invoking a long conversation about the ancient practice of prima nocta) she called an audible and decided to make us watch Ratatoing.

honestly? had a blast. cannot recommend enough you watch this with friends. can't get over an intricately detailed shoe appearing in a suit-up montage and then never again. you'd be shocked to learn that a few corners seem to have been cut in the production of Ratatoing.

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