Ocean's Eight

Ocean's Eight

About four minutes into the movie, two very fun things happened and beaming, I turned to my friend and scream-whispered “I LOVE CRIMES!!

This movie is so fun, but lacking in that special style that really made the trilogy special. Gary Ross seems to have no concern for the comedic pacing or visual style of an ocean’s movie, which is something of a bummer. (On the plus side, he’s got a huge concern for making us wonder if Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett are fuckin’ for 110 minutes (They better be (CC: Ocean’s Nine screenwriter)))

A lot of the jokes don’t land. The movie is almost entirely straightforward with no timeline or voiceover-through-the-heist trickery. I have an almost-nitpicky problem with the title and marketing of this movie! But... it’s a heist movie. You can’t fail with a competent heist movie. Heist movies fucking rule. Tricking your audience is cool. Crime is extremely cool. If I didn’t wanna make movies and TV, I would absolutely do crime as a job.

I hope Soderbergh decides to direct Ocean’s Nine. Anne Hathaway is great. I want Cate Blanchett to murder me.

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