A solid impotence thriller! (new categorization i'm workin on of action movies for guys whose whole thing is "if i beat up enough people my son will finally call me dad and my wife will fuck me again")

Odenkirk is great here! I know we're all shocked that HE'S the star of an action movie, but– he's a handsome white guy! Every one gets at least one (1) action movie. Even if you're funny. Especially if you're funny! People love to see a funny guy do something serious and go "whoa... i know this is crazy but he's actually really good at not being funny." The trio we get at the end is so perfect! Gonna be a big movie for people who love to say fights are "more real" 'cause the good guy gets hurt and stumbles. Russian bad guys are starting to feel like a lazy move to me! It doesn't make me think "oh shit that guy's REALLY bad" it just makes me think "alright you wanted a shortcut for me to see this guy as evil." Do Russians ever get to be good in American movies? This movie doesn't know how a MetroCard works and that's okay. :)

In the opening credits I caught Pawel Pogorzelski's name, who shot Midsommar and Hereditary, and then I kinda watched the entire movie by looking at the shots and seeing how they compared to those movies. You can actually tell the same guy shot this movie and Hereditary! There's a lot of similar still framing and use of home lighting. Same way you can tell Matthew Libatique shot both Requiem for a Dream and Josie and the Pussycats. I like noticing these things because it's helpful in my own understanding of how a cinematographer's work contributes to a director's work. This paragraph is for only the most unbearable of people who will read this.

This was my first movie back in theaters in over a year. :) All sense of objectivity is out the window. :) Big movie. Big screen. Loved it. :)

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