Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

I don't think I like August Wilson very much. Maybe that's because his plays feel to me like any parody of a "black play," which is admittedly probably the snake eating its own tail and me only seeing his work after I've seen the parodies, but it's just not for me! Feels like every monologue in this movie suddenly reminded me that this was definitely a play and I couldn't help but picture characters dramatically walking to a spotlight on the edge of the proscenium. That said, I still liked this! Much more than I liked Fences!

Viola and Chadwick are just stellar, and are both gonna deserve the nominations they get– I fully believe Chadwick would've gotten his nomination without his untimely passing, but what a fun and not-frustrating aspect of the discourse that'll be come spring. I think this would make for an interesting double feature with Parasite, as its two lead characters depict personalities that are borne out of tireless classist disrespect in a similar-but-yeah-okay-not-THAT-similar way. The final musical moment of this thing really hit me like a sack of bricks.

Very fun for me to come to the sudden realization that "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom" acts as both the title, a song name, and technically, a character's description!

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