Jaws ★★★★

Last Christmas I was high out of my mind hosting a party in my home and for reasons I do not remember or understand, my friends started jokingly chanting “Demi’s never seen Jaws.” This was not true. I was being framed. I pulled up my last Letterboxd logging to prove it– I saw Jaws sometime in September of 2013. Since that time, every time I hear about Jaws I think of that moment and then remember the now-forcibly-crucial memory of I Last Saw Jaws In September of 2013. My high mind made permanent space in the forefront of my brain for this information by pushing out something else (couldn’t name one president now) as a defense mechanism out of preservation and I will forever be able to say with confidence that I Last Saw Jaws in September of 2013. 

Unfortunately, this fact is no longer true, as I last saw Jaws today, in July of 2020. I check the “I have seen this film before” box with pride. My record on having seen Jaws speaks for itself and I defy anybody to challenge my Jaws viewing history come Christmas of 2021 (Christmas is cancelled this year on account of the deadly Coronavirus.)

Good film!

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