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Watched this for the first time in like, 21 years on a very fun live-stream as part of a Paramount-sponsored watch party with Griffin Newman. Will certainly rewatch it again when we aren't talking over it (mostly me going OH FUCK THIS SONG IS SO GOOD!!!) Need multiple hands to count all the moral problems with this movie. But? Every single song slaps and has stuck with me since I watched this movie on repeat for weeks and weeks of daycare decades ago. I performed songs as part of lip sync competitions at the local Garden Ridge. I think Stockard Channing's Rizzo was my first crush. Every move, every little moment, every character– this thing is just such a part of me! Little inflections in this movie reignited full color memories I haven't had in years as if they were things I'd seen yesterday. I just feel comfortable here. It feels like I was born here. Maybe I had my wedding here, too. As for the National Pension, I don't qualify. In my old age, Grease will comfort me.

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