Glass Onion

Glass Onion ★★★★★

So so so so fun to watch this with an audience, and with the foresight of what’s to come. Clearly, Netflix only allowed a theatrical run because they know the real value in this movie is that it necessitates a rewatch (unlike 95% of their catalog!)

Man oh man is this a beautiful movie! Steve Yedlin is such a fucking talented and smart DP, and it’s fascinating to follow him on Twitter and read about his attempts to replicate the color effects of film with digital cameras because he actually does a very good job of it!! There are several normal-looking shots of this movie that cast Daniel Craig in such a perfect glowing light that he truly looks like an old school film star. I don’t think the Academy will properly recognize this movie for its cinematography because it’s not as flashy or still-worthy as a Deakins picture but it’s gorgeous. The entire blackout scene is a stroke of fucking genius. The way Yedlin and Johnson move the camera to accentuate little bits of dialogue or reveal punchlines. So many perfect little Christie/Poirot homages (the first and last shots we see of Blanc in Greece made me go full Leo_pointing.jpg mode)– okay and ALSO, the editing! Goddamn! I haven’t seen something like this in a while that absolutely lives or dies on how precise and tactful the editing is!! Such good tension and trickery out of little cuts that just feel stylish until Johnson wants us to know what’s going on. They hint at the layered structure of the film very early on but that shit wouldn’t work without Bob Ducsay’s deft timing that turns a complicated puzzle into a simple one. And the SCORE!! Wow!! Love love love it. The Glass Onion theme is so beautiful and classic, it just fully crystallizes Johnson’s love for the genre and desire to evoke an old school sense of intrigue and curiosity in this franchise. The first Knives Out re-stoked my love for mystery novels in a big way and this one’s got me going right back into the well. I’m so glad someone with a detail-obsessed crossword brain is behind this. I genuinely cannot wait to read the screenplay. I thought about breaking this big paragraph up into sections but I think keeping it so unreadable means less people will like this review or try to argue with me about it. This text is for me, not you! movies power change world etc

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