Galaxy Quest

Galaxy Quest ★★★★½

This thing is just incredible. Perfect premise with a near-perfect execution. All of the jokes hold up, it’s “holy cow, that guy is in this??” city, and the creature designs and effects are just shockingly good for a comedy in 1999. Gabe said “these are honestly better than Star Wars” and I was ready to roast him for it until he clarified that he meant the prequels, which were released at the same time- and he’s right! That will teach me to second guess Gabe!

Couldn’t stop giggling at the Thermians. They move like *NSYNC in the Bye Bye Bye video. Even with that, Jason explaining how they’re actors to Mathesar is shockingly sad. Tony Shalhoub’s stony, passive Fred is maybe the VIP here in a movie full of VIPs.

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