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Interesting to watch a Fast & Furious movie where Justin Lin reckons with the franchise he’s created. Not sure if I liked that part of it though; between actually going to space, the markedly-different handling of the women in the franchise (good!) and Tyrese’s existential crisis, this movie more than any of the others feels like it was written in response to the public’s interpretation/discussion of the franchise. Don't care for that– movies are often reflexive enough without feeling like they were written by someone going "what if we actually address what the internet's been saying?" I also never love when movies just lampshade their own conveniences as if to pretend that calling out a thing and still doing it is smarter than just doing it, but something about this version of it was... more bearable? Maybe it’s because I watched this movie with 34 of my friends and I was ready and willing to accept literally anything that happened on screen. So much fun. Screams and cheers through it all.

Anyway, I remember thinking I have A LOT to say and write about this movie but I don’t really remember any of it now and I’m not in the mood to try. Oh well! Remember when Charlize became one of those weird phrenology guys for a second? Helen Mirren and Vin Diesel have an out-of-control sexual chemistry. Not sure this “tops” 8, but it was fun all the same. No idea where they go for 10/11. Really hope they don’t do the Jurassic Park shit, that sounds very fucking stupid sorry!

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