crowd was dead silent for the entire film– except for when stephen mckinley henderson was on screen. everybody lost their damn minds. just absolutely constant screaming. throwing shit at the screen, taking flash photos. whole theater on beatlemania mode. large and loud boos the second he was off-screen, i couldn't even hear the dialogue. heard sniffling in the audience when stephen mckinley henderson's character offered his resignation, saw a father and son embracing in joy when oscar isaac turned it down. three rows started swag surfing when henderson's eyes rolled in the back of his head. when his name came up in the credits it was like we won the super bowl or some shit. i quitely asked my friends "jesus, are these people in stephen henderson's family or something" and a guy in a stephen mckinley henderson sweatshirt scoffed and said "i fucking wish!"

tried to join in the fun by saying "lady bird reunion" when chalamet hugged him and a group of teens laughed at me and said "no shit deacon yancy." i looked it up when i got home– that's the name of stephen mckinley henderson's character in two spike lee movies.

fun movie! incredible score. annoyingly bothered by the terrible font choice for overlays. hope stephen mckinley henderson's in the next one too

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