David Byrne's American Utopia β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

hate to admit that i feel very "let's separate the art from the artist" about david byrne and pretty much david byrne only. too many bad stories sprinkled through his career history that feel entirely antithetical to his work and it bums me out! i choose to celebrate the david byrne i can only know through his work, and not the david byrne i would know by being treated like shit as his bandmate and knowing he left a literal turd in the room of a hotel he didn't like 😌 i wish he treated the heads better 😌 i just likey da songs 😌 american utopia so good 😌

edit: ugh, i don’t like reading this back later- look, i’m not here to say david byrne is a piece of shit or he should be cancelled (which is not a real thing) i’m just saying it’s very hard to square the image and feeling of david byrne that lives in my head with the anecdotal david byrne that exists in cruel stories of his time with talking heads.

yeah, there are certainly so many factors that could play into that personality but reading about the stories (many in chris frantz’s memoir, others just sort of floating around) really leaves me with no concrete conclusion other than β€œdamn, that’s a real bummer.” he’s not a criminal, he’s not a monster, he’s just not the man you’d expect him to be, given his work. i mean imagine learning robert de niro was actually a very non-dirty grandpa. you’d be fucking crushed.Β 

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