David Byrne's American Utopia ★★★★★

feels reductive to just call david byrne a musician when i think he's really the world's greatest children's television host with a brain that probably functions like one of those extremely complicated million-gear machines you see in a children's book. he's raffi for adults. his work rides a very goofy line of earnest loving optimism and sarcastic cynical criticism, like an alien who doesn't understand why we do the things but has come to love our patterns all the same.

maybe i just think of his work as childish because it always makes me feel childlike; untethered and happy, swaddled in the comfy and smart way he speaks but encouraged by the exuberant, full and constructed feeling of his music and his stage presence. sometimes i seeing myself riding that same cynical line and fighting to find love for those patterns while still recognizing they're weird. and in those moments, i know i wanna be like david byrne when i grow up.

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