Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey ★★★★

Kind of avoided this franchise for the longest time because it feels like it has “comedy legend” status and I’m always worried those movies will never live up to that, which means I gotta be the buzzkill at the party who interrupts the quote-off to say “I do not actually like the movie you all enjoy.” (Cool guy to be.) But I did like it! It’s pure 80s/90s schlock in all the best ways, down to there being absolutely no moral or lesson to learn (because movies can just be for fun sometimes!) and the whole thing ending with a big concert with all the characters you’ve met through the film and the obligatory cameo by real musicians. (Unfortunately it’s also 80s in the worst way, which is homophobic slurs being used as a punchline. Real stunner to have that suddenly crop up in such an otherwise goofy, feel-good movie!)

I might have even liked it more if I hadn’t watched the supposedly-worse sequel before ever seeing the first film! (I’m at the drive-in, about to watch the first film and a “surprise second film” that is almost definitely the third movie, but would truly be so fucking funny if it’s literally anything else. Losing my mind quietly on top of my car just imagining them rolling on Young Guns, and everybody honking in anger.)

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