Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar

Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar

First act is a little worrying but then it kicks off and it’s soooo good. You can tell where all the studio money and budget requirements come in in the worst way but Wiig and Mumolo are so good at this shit it doesn’t even matter. There’s a very good pay-off in the middle of the third act that made me and Addie go “oh great payoff” “greeeeat payoff” back and forth to each other for a whole minute. Absolutely made to be seen in a theater but oh well!!! I have missed the goofy mid-budget SNL comedy and I am happy to see it’s return!! Time to go watch MacGruber!

EDIT: Was finally watching the final season of New Girl and remembered it was the show that made me really take note of editing in comedy and how crucial it is. When it was airing originally I remember looking up the editor and getting really excited whenever he was credited as an episode director because I was like "oh hell yeah he's gonna be ALL OVER this one." Anyway, he also edited this movie! I noticed his name in the credits and then completely forgot about it. He also did The Grinder and Walk Hard and Eagleheart and Malcolm In The Middle and Mr. Show. That guy rules. This movie rules.

EDIT 2: His name is Steve Welch. Why didn't I write his name in here.

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