Dunno about that ending but goddamn, Spike Lee was not pulling any punches here. Exactly what I needed to watch right now. Extremely biting and sharp, if not a little bit messy with Damon Wayans' character (not to mention the strange accent.) The scenes of the audience interacting with Honeycutt near the end are straight up horrifying to watch, Savion Glover and Jada Pinkett Smith are so good here, and it's awesome to watch Tommy Davidson kill it in a serious role. So curious what Lee thinks about the legacy of Chappelle's Show and what Chappelle thinks about this movie (I know Lee was in a sketch on the show, but still.)

Perfect evidence of the need for a best casting Oscar as this movie's casting director deserves some award for getting Michael Rapaport to play himself. Just decided for my next birthday I am going to rent out a theater and watch all my white friends watch this movie!

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