Bad Trip

This is outstanding. Takes the beats of a by-the-numbers studio comedy and plays it out with unwitting participants in a way that reveals just how much true human nature is reflected in even the least believable parts of those movies (which is a real chicken-egg scenario, because who knows if that's a reflection of how much we all wanna be the people in those movies!) If aliens came to Earth and needed proof that humans were good, I think I'd show them this movie!

Love love loved it. Already feel like I wanna rewatch it, which is the mark of a special movie to me. I think the psychology of hidden camera prank movies like this is so interesting that I often gloss over the inherent fear of cruelty you gotta accept with any one of them but I think it's handled really deftly here! Truly guffawed through so much of it and wished I was in a packed theatre, scream laughing with strangers. Gonna serve as this year's reminder that Tiffany Haddish is a truly great fucking actor.

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