Night of the Zombies

Night of the Zombies ★★½

Cheap Italian rip off of possibly Dawn of the Dead as SWAT team types on a mission (To do what, i have no idea) end up battling zombies in the jungles of New Guinea.

Despite gallons of gore this is one of the least scary horror films imaginable. The zombies do whatever they please, half the time they seem intelligent enough to be afraid of guns - witness a SWAT goon dancing among them waving his rifle around without them attacking - the other half they dice and slice anything in their way. There's zero tension and the film is plagued by wildlife stock footage when the film should be approaching it's climax.

The SWAT goons are idiots and behave like The Three Stooges on a bad day and are memorable but not in a good way as the acting is dreadful and the dialogue even worse. No wonder Margit Evelyn Newton pretty much allowed herself to have a zombie hand thrust in her mouth and the fingers push out her eyes from the inside out.

BUT, for some reason i can't fathom, i actually like Zombie Creeping Flesh. The term 'So bad it's good' is frequently over used, but really does fit this film. I'm a bit flummoxed as to what score i should give. Personally i'd say two and a half stars but in all honesty it struggles to gain even a half star rating.

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