Fear Street: 1666

Fear Street: 1666 ★½

Cringeworthy accents abound in this romanticized silly version of the 17th century that concludes a lackluster trilogy on a down note.

Nothing makes sense in this badly written last chapter that explains social inequality with pacts with the devil and where visions from the past suddenly make characters conclude what people are doing in the present. It's a huge mess that has the courage of naming its second part "Fear Street 1994 Part Two", as if the names of the movies weren't already terrible enough. And why on earth would they use the same actors to play different characters in 1666? Some of them are ancestors of the 1994 characters, so I'll give them a pass, but others seem to be completely random. And trust me, I do like the 90s, but gosh, you don't need to stick ten songs and references in each scene. One and a half star for being queer.

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