The Godfather

The Godfather ★★★★

right after this finished, the person sitting right behind me in the theater started explaining to his friends why this film is perfect and the greatest work of art ever created in the most filmbro-ish way and despite sounding awfully incompetent and like he clearly had no idea what he was talking about at times (i'm sorry i might sound needlessly angry but i already had a lot of hatred for that guy after he laughed at the scene of connie getting beat up by her husband) it also made me realize why i can't really enjoy this film anymore and that's because it is so incredibly constructed. it's a brilliant construct for sure, really fun to dissect and analyze, especially during your first or second watch but (for me this happened during my third watch a few weeks ago, really didn't intend to see this again anytime soon but can you really miss out on the godfather in theaters) at some point it gets tiring. you still see all the carefully combined elements come together quite brilliantly but you'll lose that sense of amazement that you probably felt after watching this for the first time when you were 13 and with that gone there's not much left, not even a particularly engrossing plot. i believe that most of this film's popularity is caused simply by how easy to understand and/or analyze so many aspects of it are, which makes it look outstandingly brilliant to many people especially those who don't look far beyond the surface of most films and maybe it is brilliant simply because of that but this is by no means a revolutionary film, it simply combines some of the most defining aspects of its influences into an enjoyable and far more accessible film which is impressive but quite lifeless, the almost slice-of-life-like aspects can hide some of that and really do carry many sections of this film for me but i just keep getting less and less impressed by everything here. i think a lot of my feelings towards this are caused by having rewatched part 2 only recently and that film's far more intriguing and authentic flow really makes this one look like a rather stale example of an arthouse crowd pleaser

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