Lovers Rock

Lovers Rock ★★★★½

GOD leave it to Steve McQueen to rip my heart out of my chest during a dreadful second lockdown. All just by showing me 70 minutes of pure black joy and love set mostly at this one party during a singular night.

A pleasant surprise is that this doesn't follow your typical romance. Its more than just boy meets girl and they go to a party, which is what I was expecting but I shouldn't make McQueen out to be that shallow. This just feels so... human. It's a night of freedom, a celebration of black culture in a brief but beautiful moment in time. The slow dancing in someones arms. The placing of your head on their shoulders and the longing of their eyes as they stare at someone across the room. The sweat that appears on their faces as they sing and dance their heart outs. It's the little details that matter here.

Its all so simple yet feels so real. So honest and raw and makes me crave for the time when I get to go back and experience more parties. A time where you get to be with people in one room again. A cramped place where the energy is alive and raw and you can be with someone special again. McQueen captures it perfectly in film here and I'm so glad he gets to show it to the world now.