Hereditary ★★★★

My brain does work different than normal ones. A good comedy for me is pure horror, but a good horror movie is pure enjoyment and a source of fun. So when we see a horror movie together, and you see me smile the whole time, even laugh at the wrong moments, you know that I liked the movie.

And now when I tell you that the scene in the first quarter, involving a car, was source of a huge laughing fit of me .. how do you think I will rate the movie?

Thanks to all the hype before, I was skeptical. And again, the hype wasn't anything that helped the movie. "Scariest movie of all time" "Game changer" yeah .. no. Neither of both. How about .. "Just a really great Horror Movie"?
I wasn't scared. Neither while watching the movie, nor after. But I'm more than glad that Ari Aster hadn't used any jump scare. He finds way better sources to give us a gloomy feeling. And those are way more effective than most of the stuff we see normally nowadays.

The movie have some slow paced moments, where it's kinda hard to remain focused. Particularly throughout the first half, which is more a combination between Drama and Psychological Horror. But even those parts were interesting. Especially thanks to the character from Toni Collette. Played with absolute perfection, without any question worth an Oscar.

My favourite part is clearly the final. What Aster did there blew me away. I loved every second of it. Especially this last shot was genius.

But maybe I'm not the right measurement for horror. I enjoy it, the more disturbing, gory and fucked up the better.
Maybe this movie is extremely scary, but my brain isn't capable to see that. Maybe this will change the Horror genre and my faith isn't strong enough. But either way, I wish to see more, both, in this direction and from Ari Aster.

This movie is fucked up. I looked at the dinner scene with disbelieve and my mouth agape, just to break out in laughter right afterwards.
And damn I loved this.

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