Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer ★★★

100-word review: What's up with the tone of this movie? Dictionary definition of 'all over the place' — doesn't know whether it wants to be a 86-minute camp horror-comedy excuse to lust after braless Kristy Swanson being put in evocative situations, positions, and poses, or a fun family-friendly teenage flick. An interesting entry in Joss Whedon's back catalogue that's too random to be boring, but also to be good. That one-armed vampire's death scene? That Hogs' basketball team coach? Those super uncanny fight scenes? Buffy the Vampire Slayer surely has its share of 'memorable' moments, but at what cost?

Part of the September & October 2022 Hooptober 9.0 challenge; 4th out of 31 films.

6 countries [USA] (2/6)
8 decades [1990s] (3/8)

2 insect centered films (1/2)
1 horror film set in space or the future (0/1)
2 animated films (1/2)
1 bloodthirsty old person/people film (0/1)
2 1970s regional US films (0/2)
1 the worst, unseen, accessible sequel from the 1990s (0/1)
1 German silent (0/1)
5 films from Cronenberg or West
2 Christopher Lee films (0/2)
1 film with a musician or band in it (0/1)
1 Stephen King adaptation (0/1)
1 Lon Chaney film (0/1)
1 Tobe Hooper film (0/1)

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