Alphaville ★★

100-word review: Agent Lemmy is on a mission to free Alphaville from the city’s tyrannical ruler Von Braun. Direction-wise, and cinematographically, Alphaville is notches above what I’ve come to expect from 50s & 60s sci-fi. Instead of relying on sci-fi technologies or monsters — it’s more neo-noir in a sense — its otherworldly script adds that futuristic touch; and I love Godard’s anti-realism mise-en-scène. I had trouble staying engaged and missed out on scenes’ bearing. Alphaville probably rewards revisits, but that’s not something I’ll attempt. Mind you, the final stretch rewards viewers with revelations, action, and one-liners.

Part of my February 2021 Short & Sweet 50s & 60s Sci-Fi challenge; 10th out of 10 films.

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