Zodiac ★★★★½

zodiac AKA why did it took me so long to watch it

For some really weird and unexplainable reason this is my first time watching this movie, made by my favorite director, with the kind of story I simply die for, and some of my favorite actors.

I chose to read pretty much nothing about the Zodiac killer beforehand and I knew only the basics (how many murders he claimed, some of his letters and the fact that he was never apprehended) so over the course of the movie I was really curious to know if Fincher was going to stick to the story because there were moments he almost convinced me person A or person B was the zodiac killer (knowing that IRL nothing was actually proven). And I guess this movie has more impact on someone that knows nothing beforehand (and I'll find out with my mom)

The performances were good, not anyone's best, but still convincing. (I would really like if some of them worked with him again. Why hasn't that happened??) Music and cinematography were pretty nice, as well as costumes and art, everything helped build the period in a perfect way, and I didn't think I would like David Fincher more but I do.

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