Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★★

Personal Anecdote:
In December 2018 I went to Hawaii, specifically Kualoa Ranch where they filmed scenes for Jurassic World, the original Jurassic Park, 50 First Dates, Hawaii Five-O, and Kong: Skull Island. They had a section of the big canyon area where they filmed the bone pit scenes and they still had all the huge styrofoam bones and skulls like the big Kong skull and the triceratops skull. They let us all walk through the field that the characters walked through, but since it’s been a year plus since they filmed Kong the styrofoam bones were starting to fall apart due to rain and wind.
Heres a picture!

Kong: Skull island is full of action. And coming off of Godzilla (2014) i’m so glad we finally get to see the action as it happens. The action combined with some dope creatures / monsters all with super unique designs keep this film fresh and amazing to look at. 
Speaking of, there’s also some really nice cinematography / visual choices that I was really surprised by. Character were great, I don’t think there’s a single performance that bothered me or more stand-offish than the others, it was pretty solid all around. I did really like John C. Reilly’s character as he added some good comedic relief to this film.
Kong: Skull Island is just a joy to watch, nothing too serious, some great action, good acting all around, a pretty satisfactory story and some nice cinematography and visuals.

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