She Dies Tomorrow

She Dies Tomorrow ★★★½

“i love trees. i’m gonna miss them”

most of the time when i feel an anxiety attack coming on it was actually triggered by the random thought that crossed my mind just before it started: “what if i had an anxiety attack right now?” this is kind of like that for 90 minutes. don’t expect much explanation but instead try to tune in with the melancholy vibes, which shouldn’t be much of a challenge during times like this. i feel sad most days now to some degree and found this comforting rather than upsetting. i don’t often share my anxieties and sadness with others anymore for fear that these negative feelings will be contagious and make my loved ones feel this horrible way that i do. but in a way this proves that sometimes sharing the misery is inevitable (also, unhinged kate lyn sheil is always too brilliant)

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