Roma ★★★★★

CIFF 2018: film #3

“it sounds like this. and smells the same”

completely breathtaking from the first frame to the last. the little in between moments of every day life make this what it is. a film almost full of those moments, and i could watch hours more of them. rain as seen through a window, water dripping into the kitchen sink, and waves thunderously crashing on the beach. a whole film drenched in perpetual wonder, even in it’s darkest moments

and this clearly goes without saying, but the photography in this is absolutely gorgeous. so often i found myself wishing i had an extra set of eyes to catch everything that was happening on screen at once. the black and white grounds it, and instead of sending you back in time, it brings it’s time and place to you. the feeling of being home and the heart, humor, and heartache that comes with it

this is undoubtedly the best film of 2018 i’ve seen yet. i was hoping i would love it, but i wasn’t ready for how it drew me in. i haven’t been this moved by a film in almost a year now. in a perfect world, this would already be a lock for best picture, but i’ll accept best actress buzz for yalitza aparicio, even if it’s not going to happen either. i’ve rarely seen a performance that deserves acclaim and admiration more. when she (and marina de tavira) came out after the film to do their q&a, the entire crowd gave yalitza a 3 minute standing ovation, and it should have been 10

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