Mank ★★½

best picture marathon: film #3

“i couldn't have put it better myself, which may be why i write for the movies”

to put it plainly: my GOD this is boring. if i had been shown this movie without any prior knowledge, no way would i have been able to guess it was made by david fincher. i’m not necessarily saying that i dislike seeing a director step out of their comfort zone artistically, but when the end product of that step is this dull... well that’s another story. i can only recall a few sequences where i really felt captivated, or interested in the slightest, otherwise it always seems to fall short. i’m glad others are getting something out of this because while i don’t really dislike it i remain totally perplexed by it. this is simply ‘not my cup of tea’ (and what a bland cup of tea it is)

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