Black Widow

Black Widow ★★★½

or the one where natasha romanoff finally gets to be a real character (also known as oomf in her pinocchio era)

this is about a decade too late but still managed to entertain me nonetheless, and maybe even more now that i have a year of pandemic and much needed distance from the mcu under my belt. i was never bored (which is rare for me with marvel), and while it doesn’t feel wholly unique i didn’t really mind this time around. cate shortland was an interesting choice that i’ve been scratching my head over for years, but the central plot here does tie into her usual focus of free will, childhood trauma and the inner forces of good vs evil. and florence is definitely the standout, her villanelle-esque dry humor and thick accent threatening to leave scarlett in the dust with how easily she commanded the big screen. our beloved may queen is moving up in the world

also, rachel weisz. just had to throw that in here somewhere

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