Where the Crawdads Sing

Where the Crawdads Sing ★★★½

Score : 7/10 ✅

If like me, you weren’t aware of what type of film Where the Crawdads Sing was going to be and you based your excitement solely on the poster and title alone, then I hope my review will increase some interest despite receiving a rigorous low Rottentomatoes score.

I thought it was decently watchable and respectable, the strengths and my enjoyment come from all the court drama, the beautiful elegant scenery and Daisy Edgar-Jones's confident performance. This is pretty much a whodunit thriller shot and edited in a peaceful way, which I admire because it really fits the mood and the environment we are placed in.

I really like the fact that the movie shows you how uneducated Kya is without focusing on it and instead presents how skillful, talented and brilliant she progresses in her daily life. Even if the movie suggests Kya is a victim of her surroundings, the delicate way of displaying her small accomplishment makes her free spirit mentality a favorable outcome. Without spoiling anything, I liked the ending a lot and I’m satisfied with how things turned out.

However, this is also a romance movie that uses a huge amount of inexcusable clichés. I can understand the motives behind it since it’s basically what is in the book but the performance from the two guys was barely tolerable and believable. This is also the definition of an unexceptional movie, in the sense that nothing ground-breaking or praiseworthy is really happening. Doesn’t make the movie less good, but it’s pretty much how I feel about it.

So yeah, the ‘perfect’ nice movie to watch on a Wednesday morning while it's pouring rain on your patio.

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