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This review may contain spoilers.

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Arguably the most violent, the most versatile, and the most confrontational in the series. Almost like the Ghostface costume is corrupting more souls along the way.

Scream movies have been consistently enjoyable to sit through. Scream VI is no different. A ton of very good scenes and brutal stab wounds are (again) part of the deal here. Insanely cool to have different types of kills for a change but if you are asking me what stands out the most for me: Gale's chase scene in her apartment. Also, the first 15 minutes. That was quite intense.

I believe my score will increase someday in the future on a rewatch but as for now, a few things bugged me. For a film that defined itself as ‘connected’ to all the previous entries, it felt a bit disconnected in terms of making me nostalgic. It’s also a bit desperate to make the reveal relevant. When in reality, I found it a bit weak. I also felt less implicated when it wasn’t Sam/Tara/Gale on screen.

Watching a Scream movie and witnessing an infinite number of unbelievable things has been part of the DNA of the franchise for a long time. I’m saying this because it’s pretty funny how everyone made a big deal in Scream 5 when Dewey died and everyone tossed around that strength vs. lifting limit capacity argument. Ironically, no one is talking about Gale’s boyfriend getting thrown across the living room like a potato bag. Or Wayne Bailey (the cop) running towards Samantha Carpenter with a gun (instead of firing her?). I could give more examples but you see the point. I’m not complaining by the way, just making an observation that we should stop nit-picking a horror movie that is trying to be more campy than realistic.

I’ll stay on this hill (probably alone) but I preferred Scream 5 a bit better. I wasn’t affected emotionally by any of the death in Scream 6 compared to Dewey's death in the previous entry. I also feel Scream 6 barely used (again, compared to the previous one) the meta-commentary and only stays surface-level without having anything imaginative to say. Still laughed really loud at that Letterboxd quote tho, caught me by surprise.

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