M3GAN ★★★½

Score : 7.1/10 ✅

Basically Chucky for the TikTok folks with no vulgarity and carnage. Didn’t hate it and I’m beginning to appreciate it more and more when I think about it so consider this: I was going with a 6.5-6.8/10 but decided to bump it a little since the campiness and the technology elements were very stimulating.

It’s amusing in a silly way, it’s creepy in a remarkable way, and it’s predictable yet extremely entertaining in a respectable way. What's not to like?

Perhaps my biggest issue is how the film feels very PG-13 in every scene and at every corner. The gore, the kills, and the confrontation between M3GAN and the human beings are toned down which results in ineffectiveness. There are a few potential moments in there where it could have gone over-the-top or massively monstrous. It leaves you hungry for more epic ‘M3GAN moments’ but sadly, they never come.

Is M3GAN trying to convince us to temper our relation with technology and to give more space and energy to make real-world connections? In any case, this silly/campy doll horror flick isn’t far from a repressive reality if we are still thinking we are in control of the tech if we don’t take precautions.

There is nothing wrong with loving M3GAN and vitalizing excitement for the (already announced) sequel. This is a great crowd-pleaser horror film with tons of entertaining sequences. A winning horror-gem that was released in January. A rarity these days.

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