Godzilla vs. Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong ★★★★

Score : 8.5/10 ✅

Godzilla vs. Kong is what I wanted since it was announced and they deliver on its promise of having a giant Ape punching the shit out of a giant lizard, so consider me satisfied. it probably helps that I'm a huge, huge, huge, huge Godzilla fan but my hype was off-chart for this film, it feels I've been waiting for this one FOR AGES !

To be completely honest, it was a 7/10 until the last 30 minutes happened, and god that was awesome and watching on the big screen probably enhanced my experience much more than it should but I feel this movie is what cinema is all about, strictly about having fun and escapism. Godzilla vs. Kong is by far the best monster-verse movie in terms of combat, action and special effects but probably one of the worst in terms of plot and human storyline.

Not only this movie is greatly satisfying in terms of giving a spectacle but I feel nobody is going to talk about how the camera work was creative and incredible, the cinematography was COMPLETELY INSANE! Most of the shot from the angle of Godzilla/Kong while giving punch were jaw-dropping, another one that stick to me is the one when the pilot is taking off the aircraft carrier and Kong is behind him, it was breathtaking and really original.

While I understand we are here for the heavy action, the movie sacrifices the Millie Bobby Brown crew storyline for something purely nonsensical and unnecessary, seriously they could have been cut out of the movie and it wouldn't have changed anything, they were ONLY there for exposition and that sucks because she was one of the reasons why I liked King of Monsters (2019) a lot, she was so underutilized in GvK that it doesn’t make sense. Another thing that I hated was how criminally underused Kyle Chandler character was, to the point that it's almost a joke to the audience. The only human that made me care was the young deaf girl that is able to communicate with Kong and that’s pretty much about it, that was the heart and soul of the movie and they were some touching moments, brief and rare, but at least they did count for something.

All in all, I came for giant monsters battle and epic action kaiju fight and I got more than I was expecting, I will say that it was worth my time and I can’t wait to watch it again. (By the way, I was and I will always stay #TeamGodzilla) 🦖

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