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  • A Nightmare on Elm Street

    A Nightmare on Elm Street

    Yeah, fuck this shit.

    A soulless, hollow retread that truly has no reason to exist. The godawful, laughably bad CGI rendition of the iconic 'Freddy in the wall' moment lets you know what this will be early on. This version of Freddy, this version of Nancy, and the movie as whole all completely lack any shred of personality or charm whatsoever. There are a couple of decent moments and ideas sprinkled throughout, but it's not nearly enough to save the movie. Awful fucking ending too.

    Freddy also looks and sounds like complete ass. Just unbelievably dogshit.

  • The Last Broadcast

    The Last Broadcast

    I liked it for a while. It does feel like a low budget TV documentary and they do a good job building up the mystery at first. But then they just keep repeating the same information, again and again. It loses all momentum and screeches to a halt.

    And then they start trying to make some kind of commentary about media consumption. Okay. That wasn't something you were doing for the first 40 - 50 minutes but you're suddenly doing…

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  • Child's Play 2

    Child's Play 2


    Kyle is the coolest, I love her.

    The setting for the finale is legitimately perfect.

  • Bad Moon

    Bad Moon


    This movie has kind of a confused tone. It starts off with a werewolf getting its head blown to bits and there are a couple of gory moments (I loved the mangled hand). Overall though it's a horror movie in the style of a 90's kid-friendly family drama. Pretty weird and not at all what I was expecting. The music was especially jarring and didn't fit in a horror movie.

    The movie is fine. It's a pretty standard werewolf story…