Mirror ★★★★½

"You and I could never communicate"

The Mirror is a poetic and beautiful film with a truly complex and unique structure. Out of all the Tarkovsky films i have seen so far, i find this to be the most poetic one. This was my first viewing of Mirror. It was a ethereal experience that isn't matched by the other Tarkovsky films i have seen so far. With experimental films like this, i often question things like "What does this shot mean?" and "What does this thing mean?" and so on. But with Mirror, i was captivated to the point were I didn't think or want to ask questions. I wanted to experience it with my eyes rather than my words.

Mirror doesn't need to be understood for you to enjoy it. Tarkovsky uses images and atmosphere to tell his exotic story. Its engaging from the moment it began, to the moment it ends. It doesn't have a normal narrative, it works differently from a normal movie and makes it stand out. The camera sucks you in to this world and let's you find your own meaning of everything on your own. Tarkovsky's movies aren't for everyone, but it's certainly something for me.

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