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  • Water and Power
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  • De Profundis
  • The Passing

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  • Blood of the Family Tree

  • A Perfect Storm

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  • Humanité


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    L'humanité is Bruno Dumont's second feature, which explores themes of personal alienation and inability to feel, recalling La vie de Jésus two years prior. And while I thoroughly enjoyed Jésus, Humanité is even more impressive. From scene one, we open into a vast space, where Pharaon is but a small silhouette making his way across the frame. He, nor anyone else for that matter, will manage much more clarity for the film's runtime.

    Not even five minutes in, devastation hits.…

  • Name Above Title

    Name Above Title

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    This was my Nightstream 2021 film that I'd never seen anything about, which turned out to be a huge hit. It's a cancel culture age story that showcases how lack of ears and eyes for victims is still a problem.

    The opening scene tracks with a woman who moves unseen as she teases about the edge of a balcony, with no one at the party noticing her. For the most part we only see her from behind or in profile,…

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  • Blood of the Family Tree

    Blood of the Family Tree

    Roots, bloody roots. Gonna end up a big ole pile of dem bones. And now I'm all sewn up.

  • Diòba


    I would have liked to get to see this in the theater, with the added sensory isolation that creates. There's essentially no words, following the life of this indigenous woman about her life: collecting plantains to then cook and eat, chopping wood with a machete for the stove, staring while laying in bed. There's not a score, just the sound of daily work and the forest, which is how it should be in something like this. A girl factors in…

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  • Nuisance Bear

    Nuisance Bear

    Excellent cinematography. The start tracking with the bear as she moves, people outside vehicles with their phones out is incredible. Other little touches shine, like focus pulling a hare hiding in the snow into focus.

  • Lillith


    The sound and video production are clearly budget limited, and Lillith herself is the highlight. She makes for some good body horror quips. Succubi in general aren't super explored in cinema, so it's at least not the same old monster. It doesn't really deliver a terrifying view, but isn't afraid to get horrific. The film isn't without flaws, but could have done a lot worse with what it has to work with.