Evil Ed

Evil Ed ★★★

I haven’t seen Evil Ed since the VHS-days but back then I loved it. It’s pretty amazing that movies like this can (could) be made in Sweden and it’s pretty damn amazing that Arrow released it on a 3-disc special edition. I didn’t expect that, not at all. Tonight I watched the Special Ed-Ition and it was fun to revisit Ed at the Splatter and Gore department, delivering the very essence of being a teenager loving horror movies and being pissed that the good stuff has been cut out and the old myth that horror movies are bad for you. Evil Ed was much better than expected and the special effects are top-notch! A lot of fun nods to the horror geeks and as a swede it’s fun to see some familiar faces in a movie like this. Evil Ed is highly enjoyable, even though it’s a little overlong.

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