Pig ★★★★½

An absolutely fascinating look at grief and reclaiming some meaning into your life, and one of the more unusually structured films I've seen. You would likely throw this into the revenge thriller genre, but make no mistake, this isn't like any you've seen before. Violence is present, and integral to the story, yet as the story progresses it becomes apparent that this is not where we're being taken. Cage is inspired casting, not because he is able to subvert expectations with a measured, muted performance, though that clearly helps. He is perfect because this is exactly the work he did so well in his prime; a broken, beaten-down man full of anguish, outside forces initiating a drive in him he didn't think he had left. It's a hugely affecting performance and right up there with Cage's best. A debut director's tale of a hermit truffle-hunter's quest to get his beloved pig back doesn't scream essential movie viewing yet here we are. There are no twists here in a traditional sense; the plot kind of does go where you expect it to. It is the constant shift in tone and unexpected moments of profundity that take you on this raw emotional ride, that makes Pig one of the great surprises of 2021 so far.


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