Favorite films

  • Taxi Driver
  • Fright Night
  • Hero
  • Romeo Is Bleeding

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  • The Retirement Plan


  • Marlowe


  • Expend4bles


  • Gran Turismo


Recent reviews

  • The Retirement Plan

    The Retirement Plan


    Nicolas Cage is Casey fvcking Ryback. The Retirement Plan feels very much like a 1980s straight to video action movie. The acting feels disjointed at times, the scenes feel forced. There are a couple moments of fun dialogue and silly cgi gun and knife fights. 2 stars.

  • Marlowe



    I watched it and now I want to rewatch the Rockford files. Plus you got Bruce Lee, Carol O’Connor and Rita Moreno and William Daniels. I enjoyed it.

Popular reviews

  • Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey

    Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey


    This is a hard watch. How do you save kids who love their parents but whose father is a pedophile and who’s mother was abused by a pedophile while they are being groomed for the same. Recommend but it’s a very heavy topic.

  • The Batman

    The Batman


    Probably the best Batman movie to date. Unless we’re counting Mask of the Phantasm or the Dark Knight Returns part one and two which are animated. 
    Robert Pattinson as Batman is Batman. Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne is kind of Emo Bruce Wayne. A detective story through and through. It has a “Year One”/ “Long Halloween” tone.  Aesthetically it has a very Tim Burton feel when it comes to Gotham. But also a very Christopher Nolan feel because a lot…