Zodiac ★★★★★

A mystery that became an obsession, this David Fincher film is possibly Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo, and Robert Downey Jr's finest 158 minutes on screen. A compelling account of the hunt for the Zodiac killer who stalked California in the late sixties and seventies, no director could have made this as absorbing, intriguing, as authentic looking, and at times as creepy as Fincher does. From that use of Donovan's Hurdy Gurdy Man which still gives me the chills, to those overhead panning shots of San Francisco and the perfect blend of paranoia and a compulsion to find the truth, Fincher hangs a sign around the neck of who he thinks was the Zodiac and then muddies both his and Graysmith's theory with a damning scientific DNA test which just adds to the notoriety of a killer they simply never caught.

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