The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans

The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans ★★★★

Nobody does crazy like Nicolas Cage, and that's a fact. When given the chance to unleash that inner-demon in a character, it's time to stand back and just admire the master at work. I have at times however grown to lament the material Francis Ford Coppola's favourite nephew has signed up for, much like that of John Cusack, with awful action films or straight-to-dvd junk that damage the big man's reputation. Maybe I'm being hard on him though, because this film is a great watch with Cage most definitely back on form. Directed by maverick director Werner Herzog, this was a box-office dud, so maybe Cage simply can't get a break regardless of how good he is?

Forget that title, Abel Ferrara's film couldn't be further removed from this one. Cage plays the Bad Lieutenant in Herzog's reimagining, and this slightly deranged little crime flick has more balls in the air than a transvestite's trampoline competition. Cage is the cop in New Orleans struggling with an addiction to painkillers and other substances due to a chronic back problem which affects his decision making. Using his badge to obtain drugs through illicit searches outside nightclubs where he confiscates them for his own personal use, his life is complicated by his hooker girlfriend played by the gorgeous Eva Mendes. Faced with investigating a case involving the murder of five illegal immigrants by a drug lord, this quickly gets out of hand after a string of bad bets with his bookmaker and a chance encounter with a rich and powerful client of his girlfriend sees him in deep shit. Aided and abetted by the likes of Val Kilmer and Brad Dourif in support roles, it's left to Cage to go loco in the search for a way out of his predicament with at times a mixture of surreal and comical results. Probably one of Cage's best performances in the last ten years or so, this film has everything from singing iguanas to Stifler's mom necking brewskis, just don't expect to be bored.

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